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Intercountry adoption — controversies and criticisms
25/Jul/2013 Publication
Summary: In this article the relevant international and regional instruments, as well as the current status of...
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Dissecting Cyberbullying: An Interview with Dr. Justin W. Patchin
30/May/2013 Publication
Summary: An interview with Dr. Justin W. Patchin, Co-Director of CyberBullying Research Center and author of top selling...
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ICELAND: The Ability of Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse to Give Evidence
8/Sep/2011 Publication
Summary: This document is the result of a study that aimed at showing how the age of suspected child victims of sexual...
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RIGHT TO VOTE: Children's rights means citizens' rights
6/Jul/2010 Publication
Summary: This article explains the arguments for giving children the right to vote. This article was published as part of...
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EGYPT: Street children are the government's responsibility (Arabic)
5/Jan/2009 Publication
مصر: أطفال الشوارع في ذمة الحكومة...
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