Concluding Observations for Moldova's Initial OPSC Report


Below is a short summary of the key issues from the CRC's 64th session Concluding Observations for Moldova on the Optional Protocol on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography. Click on the link above for the full text, and here for the alternative reports submitted by NGOs and the CRC's Concluding Observations for other States it reviewed.

Child trafficking: The Committee is concerned that the State party remains one of the primary countries of origin for children trafficked abroad. The Committee is also concerned about the lack of reliable statistics on the number of children trafficked for sexual purposes internationally and domestically. The Committee recommends that the State take necessary measures to conduct a comprehensive study to assess causes, nature and extent of trafficking in children for sexual purposes and undertake measures to reduce and prevent trafficking, including by adopting a new plan of action against trafficking.

Child sex tourism: The Committee is concerned that the measures taken by the State to counteract sexual exploitation of children in tourism have so far been insufficient. The Committee urges the State to take immediate measures to identify and investigate reports of involvement of children in sex tourism, strengthen its measures against tourism agencies suspected to be involved in facilitating child sex tourism and prosecute the agencies and individuals who organise or support the business of child sex tourism.

Access to justice: The Committee strongly recommends the State ensure that children who are victims of offences under the Optional Protocol are always provided with adequate treatment and compensation and timely information about this. The Committee also recommends the State take all necessary measures to ensure that child victims of the offences under the Optional Protocol are provided with appropriate assistance, including for their physical and psychological recovery and full social reintegration.

Read more about children’s right to access justice in CRIN’s submission for the 2014 Human Rights Council’s Annual day on the Rights of the Child, and our child-friendly justice toolkit.

Application in the disputed territories: The Committee is concerned about the negative consequences of State party’s declaration to the Optional Protocol that “the provisions of the Convention shall be applied only on the territory controlled effectively by the authorities of the Republic of Moldova” and urges the State party to strengthen its international negotiations and international cooperation to guarantee the protection of children’s rights under the Optional Protocol in the disputed territories (Transnistria). 

Preventive measures: The Committee encourages the State party to strengthen its measures adopted to prevent offences prohibited under the Protocol, including on the internet, and establish a mechanism to identify, detect and monitor children in vulnerable situations who are at risk of becoming victims to the offences under the Optional Protocol.



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