VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN: Corporal punishment - National and International Perspectives

The purpose of the report is to provide relevant information on corporal punishment to policy-makers, stakeholders and other interested parties. It discusses research findings on the impact of corporal punishment, the international and national framework which surrounds corporal punishment and public opinion on the issue in Namibia – particularly from children. It presents new data on the opinions of Namibian children based on responses from over 2000 children collected as part of the public consultation process around Namibia's Child Care and Protection Bill. The monograph also reports how a range of countries have addressed the issue of corporal punishment in their legal systems, to provide insight into options for addressing the issue of corporal punishment in Namibia. Finally the monograph provides a chapter on alternatives to corporal punishment.

Contents of the report:
• The effects of corporal punishment
• Responding to defences of corporal punishment
• Corporal punishment in Namibia
• International standards
• Current Namibian law
• Examples from other countries
• Promotion of alternatives to corporal punishment
• Conclusion and recommendations.

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