REPORT: Strategic Impact Litigation on Children’s Rights in Eastern and Southern Africa Seminar

The Seminar was opened and the delegates were welcomed by Tim Bainbridge of Save the Children Sweden.
Ann Skelton outlined the program for the three day seminar.

She indicated that the first day would consist of presentations by the Centre for Child Law. The second day would include a guided tour of the Constitutional Court of South Africa by retired Constitutional Court Judge Albie Sachs, who would address the delegates on child rights litigation from his perspective. The Southern Africa Litigation Centre, involved in litigation in the Southern Africa region though not exclusively on children’s rights, would also present. Steven Budlender, an advocate from the Johannesburg Bar, would then take delegates through the remedies available in litigation.

The participants were encouraged to discuss potential and current cases as they link to the themes discussed. Cases run by the Centre would be used as illustrations. On the final day the group would think strategically about potential litigation, the impediments and how to overcome them.

Some delegates were not from a legal background, this therefore required that basic legal concepts be explained, and patience from those who have a legal background was requested.

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