National Coalitions and the Special Session

Summary: This document outlines means of involvements for National Coalitions in the Special Session and it's preparatory process. This includes action at the local level that can be undertaken now, and at the Special Session on Children in September. A number are already lobbying their governments to ensure children's rights are fully represented at the Special Session on Children.

There are a number of ways for National Coalitions to be involved within the Special Session and its preparatory process. A number are already lobbying their governments to ensure children's rights are fully represented at the Special Session on Children. Action at the local level The Liaison Unit for the NGO Group for the Committee on the Rights of the Child have compiled a list of things to do at local level, including the following: · Identify who in government is preparing the end-decade review and co-ordinating input to the Special Session and lobby them accordingly. · Approach the UNICEF National Committee or UNICEF Country Representative and establish how they are involved in the Special Session. Contact Information can be found on the UNICEF website. · Promote child and youth participation in the reporting process. · Build on the Convention on the Rights of the Child approach and ensure that the end-decade review is rights-based and integrates a children's rights perspective into all of its rights work. · Ensure that politicians, parliamentarians and government officials are aware of the end-decade reviews. · Participate in reviews and policy discussions at national and regional levels. · Liaise with other NGOs and civil society organisations about their involvement in the process. · Involve the mass media to raise awareness and encourage debates on the issue. What National Coalitions can do at the Special Session on Children · See whether they can have a seat with the official government delegations to the PrepComs. · Talk to governments about the agenda for PrepComs and their attitude to the involvement of NGOs and children in discussions at the PrepComs and Special Session. Coalitions should also press for children and young people as well as NGOs to be included in government delegations. · Encourage governments to nominate experts on children's issues to work in the panels and other working groups at the PrepComs. · Inform and update partners, the media and other interested organisations on the plans and outcomes from the PrepComs. For further information on National Coalition participation please contact: Denise Allen, NGO Group for the CRC, c/o DCI, PO Box 88, CH 1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland Phone 00 41 22 740 4730, Fax 00 41 22 740 1145, Email dci- [email protected]


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