Juvenile Justice: The War Within

Summary: Mary Hargrove, Linda Satter and
Patrick Henry uncovered horrific
physical and sexual abuse and
official mismanagement at two state
facilities that house delinquent
children. The reporters' tireless
efforts led to immediate changes in
the state's juvenile justice system
and on-going efforts by Arkansas
officials to fix the problems they
For more than a year, Associate Editor Mary Hargrove
investigated allegations of abuse and mismanagement involving
the state Division of Youth Services and the delinquent children
placed in its care. The results are detailed in a six-part series that
started Sunday, June 14, 1998. Some articles describe sexual
acts and contain language that readers may find offensive.
For three weeks, the series of articles in the Arkansas Democrat-
Gazette examined what happens to children declared delinquent
and placed in the custody of the state Division of Youth Services.



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