CZECH REPUBLIC: Access to justice for children

This report is part of CRIN's access to justice for children project, looking at the status of the CRC in national law, the status of children involved in legal proceedings, the legal means to challenge violations of children’s rights and the practical considerations involved in challenging violations.

The Czech Republic has largely incorporated the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) into its legal framework, and all courts and complaints mechanisms are available to challenge children's rights violations. However, children lack full legal capacity, and are required to have a legal representative to act on their behalf if a court considers that they do not have the sufficient "mental maturity" to bring a case. Special procedures exist in this regard, including cases brought by an "OSPOD", a public authority that protects children’s rights and ensures that the matter is dealt with in the best interests of the child, and by the prosecution in the public interest in certain matters involving children.

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