CRC General Comments

Summary: All general comments published by the Committee on the Rights of the Child, together with submissions made by NGOs.


What are 'general comments'?

The CRC Committee elaborates its general comments with a view to clarifying the normative contents of specific rights provided for under the Convention on the Rights of the Child or particular themes of relevance to the Convention, as well as offer guidance about practical measures of implementation.

General comments provide interpretation and analysis of specific articles of the CRC or deal with thematic issues related to the rights of the child. General comments constitute an authoritative interpretation as to what is expected of States parties as they implement the obligations contained in the CRC.

Child Rights Connect has produced a fact sheet (in English, French and Spanish), which provides information for NGOs on how they can contribute to, and participate in, the elaboration of general comments.


Existing general comments

The following have been adopted by the Committee on the Rights of the Child:

General comment 18

General comment 17

General comment 16

General comment 15

General comment 14

General comment 13

General comment 12

General comment 11

General comment 10

General comment 9

General comment 8

General comment 7

General comment 6

General comment 5

General comment 4

General comment 3

General comment 2

General comment 1


General comments under discussion

Section pending. 



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