Convention on the Rights of the Child Textbook for Legal Practitioners

AKAP embarked on a UNICEF assisted project "Curriculum
Development on the Convention on the Rights of the Child for the
Legal Profession" . The project involves the development of a
textbook material and module on the CRC for undergraduate law
students and professionals engaged in child-related programmes,
and the initiation of linkages between existing legal aid and other
lawyers' groups for children. Its ultimate aim is to institutionalise
the teaching of child rights in law schools in order to develop a
cadre of child rights advocates in the legal profession. In the
development of the textbook and model curriculum, Regional
Consultations with the different law deans and professors in the
country were conducted. An advisory committee composed of
justices and legal experts on child rights issues was formed to
regularly assist AKAP in the drafting of the publication.


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