Concluding Observations of the African Commission on the seventh and eighth periodic report of the Republic of Burkina Faso

Summary: This report compiles all mentions of children's rights in the Concluding Observations of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights.

Last examined: 21 May – 4 June 2004
Presented by: the Minister for Human Rights of Burkina Faso

The Commission expressed concerns in the following areas:

The high illiteracy rate (70 per cent) and inadequate measures taken to increase the percentage of children in full-time education, particularly of girls. (Paragraph 12)

The rights of women and the child are not adequately protected, and there are no adequate provisions for legal assistance, particularly with regard to vulnerable or destitute persons and groups. The Commission recommended that the State Party ensure that measures are taken to specifically protect the rights of the child, in particular by increasing efforts to combat child trafficking. It further urged Burkina Faso to take measures to implement and monitor violations of women and children's rights in Burkina Faso. (Paragraphs 14, 29, 30).

Education for minority groups: Nomadic groups and some minority/indigenous populations living in Burkina Faso in need of special facilities for their education do not receive appropriate assistance. (Paragraph 17)

The persistence of traditional practices, which are harmful particularly to women, continue to be of concern in spite of the significant efforts made by the authorities together with human rights NGOs. (Paragraph 25)

Education: The percentage of children in full-time education is still very low in Burkina Faso, especially with regard to women. (Paragraph 26)



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