The Challenge of Achieving EFA in Africa: Civil Society Perspectives and Positions to MINEDAF VIII

Summary: This document is from the Eighth
Conference of Ministers of Education
of the African Member States
(MINEDAF VIII). It presents the
perspectives of civil society on the
Education for All (EFA) processes in

The document is the result of an exceptional collective
consultation process among actors of African civil society
facilitated by UNECSO, and initiated, under the direction of African
Network Campaign on Education for All (ANCEFA), by a group of
actors recognised for their expertise in the field of education and
representing a thematic, institutional and geographical diversity.

This document constitutes at the same time a critical analysis
and an instrument for advocacy. It reminds all the actors of their
commitment and proposes a number of recommendations. As
well, the document is a source of inspiration and it upholds the
holistic definition of the education for all movement.

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