BELARUS: Children's rights in International Labour Organisation reports

This report summarises individual observations and direct requests issued by the ILO Committee of Experts related to child labour conventions. To view the full reports, go to the ILOLEX database ( and click on 'display all documents related to a specific country'.

CEACR: Individual Observation concerning Convention No. 138, Minimum Age, 1973 Belarus (ratification: 1979) Published: 1998

The Committee has noted the detailed information supplied by the Government in reply to its general observation of 1995. It notes in particular the Government's efforts to reinforce vocational training and guidance, and to support families in difficulties in the context of political and economic reforms. The Committee requests the Government to continue to supply information on various social measures taken in so far as they have bearing on the application of the Convention.

The Committee also notes the Government's intention to expand compulsory education to raise the age of completion of compulsory education up to the minimum age for employment (16 years). It recalls that the requirement of Article 2(3) of the Convention is fulfilled since the minimum age for employment is not less than the age of completion of compulsory education. The Committee, however, considers it desirable to ensure compulsory education up to the minimum age for employment, as provided under Paragraph 4 of Recommendation No. 146, so as not to leave a period of forced idleness between the two ages. It hopes, therefore, that the Government will indicate any development in this regard.


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