Access Denied: Protect rights ­- unblock children’s access to information

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With this policy paper and campaign, CRIN wants to highlight disproportionate restrictions on children's access to information which are defended on spurious child protection grounds. We recognise the need to protect children, but believe that access to honest and objective information appropriate to their age and capacity is a prerequisite for all children’s rights and should be part of any child protection strategy.

We want to work with other organisations and human rights advocates to encourage greater respect for and stronger standards on children’s right to information, and ensure that any restrictions are transparent, are in line with all children's rights as set out in the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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CRIN aims to promote policy discussions ­ if your organisation would like to be involved, contact [email protected] with:

  • Comments on this paper
  • Information about laws or policies restricting children’s access to information
  • Relevant positive developments in laws and policies
  • Ideas for further regional and international advocacy 

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Download the paper

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