Southern Africa Child Development Initiative (SA-child)

1. To lobby for comprehensive legal protection of children through policy and legislation
2. To lobby governments to redress the impacts of neo-colonialism, imperialism, apartheid, socio-economic exclusion, political violence, negative cultural norms and tradition which have contributed to children living impoverished, unethical, vulnerable and insecure lives.
3. To lobby for the development of comprehensive and holistic psychosocial support programmes for children within Africa.
4. To develop a collective socio-economic and political child development agenda for the region.
5. To establish a regional lobbying and advocacy resource basket which will ensure the effective rolling out of all advocacy issues within the region.
6. To lobby regional and national religious bodies to initiate positive changes in doctrines, policies, laws and practices to encourage child development.

Key information

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NGO - non governmental organisation


Organisation mandate

, Children 0 - 18

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