Society Studies Centre (SSC)

1. Promote the society, and achieve, foster and build social peace and security
2. Devote attention to sustainable development, and human rights and prosperity; with special focus on vulnerable groups such as women and children
3. Achieve the social harmony, and reintegration, and remedy the situations of those affected by war, displacement and conflicts
4. focus on social, cultural and religious heritage and resources to face the complexities of poverty, and its impact, environmental restoration, by preparing effective measures and policies, and investigate the destiny of social phenomena by studying and tracing the social change

Some Activities:

1. A study titles: The Situation of Children who Participate in the Camel Race and Returning from the Gulf States
2. A Symposium on the Children's Right to Education
3. A Report on Sufferings of Children in the Armed Conflict in Darfur
4. A training course on international mechanisms for protecting the women rights,
5. A brainstorming session on the displaced people and their options
6. A brainstorming session on developing the role and impact of the tribe in public affairs,
7. A Seminar on unemployment in Sudan, in collaboration with the National Council of Strategic Planning,
8. A forum on Darfur Crisis in concordance with the 4th Session of the Human Rights Council,
9. A forum on the roots of developmental imbalance in Sudan

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Key information

Operation level:
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Organisation type:
NGO - non governmental organisation


Organisation mandate

Lobby governments and the United Nations
Research child rights
Provide training or education on child rights
Work in partnership with organisations

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