Mongolian Education Alliance

The Mongolian Education Alliance (MEA) a spin-off organisation of the Mongolian Foundation for Open Society (MFOS), has since its inception in September 2004, been pursuing education reform in Mongolia.

Prior to its official incorporation as a non-government organisation, MEA has acted as an education support arm of the programmes of the MFOS. Among the prominent projects MEA spearheaded were the Debate, Step by Step, Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking, Street Laws. These programs helped MFOS and MEA establish visibility and credibility among Mongolian educators and policy makers.

In support of these programmes, it also launched the first "School -2001" and later on "Teacher 2005" (implementation period 2002-2005), which were aimed at introducing education sector reform and intervention strategies to upgrade the Mongolian education system at the policy, school and classroom levels. MEA's leadership in such programs cemented MEA's and MFOS' reputation as agents for change in education especially when it concerns school-based reform. Such reputation is widely held within the Open Society Institute (OSI) and within the wider international education communities.

MEA is committed to significantly contribute to the collective efforts of the Mongolian government, local and international non-government organizations, donor and funding organizations to upgrade the Mongolian education system and make it up to par with the education systems of other countries. To this end, it is currently involved with three international monitoring projects namely, Drop Out, Private Tutoring and Public Expenditures Tracking System, as well as Student Assessment Study in collaboration with Education Evaluation Center of the Ministry.

It has also drawn up a number of projects to complement the current initiatives of different government education agencies to equip both learners and teachers with 21st century skills necessary to make it to the so-called "knowledge-based" society. Two of the projects it has on the drawing board are the "Technology Integration Training for Teachers" and "Integrating Technology in English Language Arts."


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