Jubilee Action - UK

Christian based human rights charity, dedicated to protecting children at risk and persecuted families. Our vision is to be instrumental in changing the lives of those who suffer unjustly.

Our mission is to pioneer work with indigenous partners providing crucial care and shelter for children and families at risk of abuse and exploitation. We aim not to duplicate the work being done by other organisations but to find innovative ways of reaching out to children most at risk in the world.


There are 4 main types of project:


  • Residential - Providing refuge for children who would otherwise be living at risk. Homes supported by Jubilee provide security, love and care, allowing children to escape from dangers.


  • Vocational - Rescuing a child is a long-term commitment. Many of Jubilee's projects seek to invest in a child's future by giving them the opportunity to  learn a skill or a means of earning an income so they become self-sufficient and able to resist the dangerous pressures of their society.


  • Educational - Many children face dangerous situations every day, living in fear. Often, they are trapped in drug and gun culture, or sold into sexual slavery simply because they see no alternative. Investing in educating children is the only way to break this vicious cycle. Education allows children to realise their potential and to see that they can shape their own futures once they are given the means to do so.


  • Welfare - Children arrive in the care of Jubilee's partners often scared, lonely and suffering from disease, injury or malnourishment - not to mention psychologically scarred by what they have been through and witnessed. Our projects seek to heal them physically and mentally, restoring their confidence in life and human beings.

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NGO - non governmental organisation


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, Children 0 - 18

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