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The problem of child labour is immense. Its elimination requires a concerted effort by governments, international organisations, employers and workers’ organisations, NGOs, local communities, the children themselves and their parents.

The ILO, in the context of its broad mandate to promote social justice and decent work, has the competence to combat child labour through its standards-related work, its research and the numerous programmes and projects it carries out on all continents.

ILO Conventions Nos. 138 and 182 constitute the legal base for the fight against child labour. Moreover, the International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) is developing a sound body of knowledge and practical experience (including lessons learned and good practice) concerning strategies and action to eliminate child labour.

From 2005 the ITC-ILO, in close cooperation with ILO-IPEC Geneva, has a new cluster on Child Labour. Through capacity-building activities, the cluster contributes to developing and disseminating ILO's knowledge and practical experience in the field of child labour.

The cluster not only organises training activities, but also develops training materials to assist government officials, employers' organizations, workers' organisations and civil society in the fight to eliminate child labour.


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