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Fundrising,lobbying for support women and children in Africa, for education and health.

As the people faced the impact of liberalization and structural adjustments, social malaise such as grand corruption, greed, mismanagement of national resources, poverty, inflation and heinous crimes seeped into the mainstream of the society. The disadvantaged and marginalized groups have been affected greatly by the economic hardships and poverty and the hopes of even their children to have a better future have been fading away. One of the marginalized groups which have been affected by such a situation are Albinos in Tanzania. It is believed that Tanzania has 170, 000 to 400, 000 Albinos according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Today, Tanzanians with Albinism live in constant fear for their lives and limb. This pathetic situation commenced sometimes in or around 2007 when some people in the quest of get rich quick circulated rumors that “the albino organs possess mystical powers that can make a person fabulously rich within a short time. To show how serious the problem is, recently buried albino dead bodies are sometimes exhumed at night by unidentified people in search of the 'magical organs'. Since the mining and fishing industries are currently enjoying an unprecedented boom, so the two sectors are attracting people from all walks of life and cultures and this factor has increased the albino risks.”

Given their small number and vulnerability, Tanzanian albinos need adequate basic social services and legal protection so that they too can fully enjoy their right to life and freedom to move freely without fear as other Tanzanians do. It is also imperative to build their capacity to have the opportunity to lead a normal life with equal status and to their full potential as members of the Tanzanian community. Unfortunately, in many African families having albino is a stigma

We offer education for this society. we sent the children to school and the young adult to vocation traing where they learn to become mechanics, timber, mansion and sewings. this will anale them to find a better life later.Tanzania Albino CenterHAF

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