Fundación Gamma Idear

Fundación Gamma Idear is a nonprofit organisation established in Bogotá, Colombia on January 19, 1988. The institutional mission of the Foundation is to reduce daily violence by putting into place advisory, research, dissemination, and education programmes that foster personal development to transform violent cultural practices.

Fundación Gamma Idear focuses on three main areas: support for the disarmament process and efforts to combat illicit trafficking in small arms and light weapons; promotion of gender equality in the educational system; and mobilisation of civil society to promote peaceful coexistence. Its work in support of disarmament and in combating illicit trafficking in small arms and light weapons consists in providing technical assistance and in encouraging the commitment of civil society in matters related to peace, security, and development strategies. As for promotion of gender equality in the educational system, the Foundation develops training programmes on gender programmes in education for stakeholders in the educational system, including parents, teachers, and youth. With regard to efforts to promote peaceful coexistence, the Foundation promotes conciliation to overcome obstacles in relationships between persons and groups, as an alternative in managing conflicts and disputes.

Some of the projects implemented by the Fundación Gamma Idear include designing MOSSAVI, a social stress model used for prevention and handling of everyday violence, design of an identification model used as an instrument for verifying, learning of, and recognising cases of domestic violence, child abuse, or sexual offenses by the Networks for Good Treatment of the Capital District of Bogotá. The Foundation founded an Andean Network of Nongovernmental Organisations which works in the areas of human safety, saving lives, culture of peace, and disarmament (ARIANSA), and in designing and implementing the Galardón Award for Educational Excellence, created as recognition for and encouragement to public and private preschool, elementary, and secondary school institutions that have achieved coordination of teaching and administrative duties and managed to innovate and improve their educational work.

The main objective of Fundación Gamma Idear is to promote peaceful coexistence among the people of the region through programs designed to transform the culture of violence and encourage development of a culture of peace. The work of the Fundación Gamma Idear is focused on disarmament and on fighting illicit trafficking in small arms and light weapons, gender equality in education, and mobilisation of civil society.

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, Children 5 - 18

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