Fundación Escuela Nueva Volvamos a la Gente

FENVG strives to improve the coverage and quality of basic education in rural and urban low-income
communities, mostly in the developing world, through the Escuela Nueva model, integrating curricular, pedagogical, teacher development, and administrative strategies. Our schools emphasize active participation, cooperative learning, whole-person development, and flexible promotion and schedule.

FENVG is an organization of experienced practitioners who come from the developing world, who work with communities on both national and international levels towards better education. We are the original authors and official consultants for the Escuela Nueva education model, now implemented in 17 countries world-wide and growing, and our goal is to help communities improve not only how many children they educate, but also the quality, efficiency, equity, and sustainability of basic education.

We work with a network of advisers, teacher trainers, teachers, curricular developers, research evaluators, private businesses, administrators and politicians, and through implementing our educational model "Escuela Nueva". The model is a comprehensive educational intervention program that emphasize participative and collaborative learning and the formation of attitudes and values such as solidarity, tolerance, justice, peaceful coexistence, and social responsibility. Currently, our intervention programs revolve around 4 areas: Urban and Rural programs in Colombia, program for Displaced Children of Colombia, International intervention programs (focusing on the developing country), and curricular development programs.

The foundation works in both Spanish and English. For more information or to support our work please see our website at

Escuela Nueva Foundation (The New School Foundation)FENVG

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, Children 5 - 18

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