Egypt National Child Rights Observatory

Egypt National Child Rights Observatory aims to contribute to an Egypt Fit for Children where the rights of every child are respected, promoted and protected. To achieve our goals, ENCRO is building the capacities of the National Council of Childhood and Motherhood (NCCM) Departments and core functions (namely policy and planning, monitoring and evaluation, data and documentation and research , in order to strengthen the council's capabilities and abilities to coordinate, develop, monitor and advocate for more accountable, transparent and participatory public policies for children.

To this end, a National Observatory for Child Rights has been established to monitor the situation of children – at national and strategic level- and to track the national budget allocated and expenditures performed for them.

In this framework, the Policy and Planning Unit has been established to produce and make use of scientific evidence for the formulation of results-based and child-rights centered policies.

A Monitoring and Evaluation Unit has been established to monitor the implementation of national policies for the well-being of children, mainly through the National Plan of Action for Children.

The information and Documentation Department of NCCM is being upgraded to hold a comprehensive and update data, documentation and library systems.


Egypt Fit for Children's efforts are oriented to promote child rights and evidence-based legislation, public policies, programs and budget allocation to monitor their implementation and impact.

To achieve these outcomes, the project adopts four overarching strategies related to the different stages of evidence-based policy making:

Production of scientifically sound evidence through its Research and Data Management Unit which collects manages and analyzes primary and secondary data on the status of children and their families.

Translating evidence, through its Policy and Planning Unit, into a National Action Plan for Children in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Monitoring policies implementation and measuring their impacts, through its Monitoring and Evaluation Unit.

Dissemination of knowledge and information to raise awareness of the general public in child rights

Partners and Time frame:

Egypt Fit for Children project was launched in June 2009 and will continue till May 2013. The Project's partners are the National Council on Childhood and Motherhood (NCCM), the Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC), the Italian Cooperation and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).


Following are some of the achievements of the Egypt Fit for Children Program towards enhancing the well-being of children, and promoting child rights:

A. National Strategy and Plan of Action:
- The design of the strategy was done through a participatory approach with governmental private and international institutions concerned with children in Egypt.
- Youth Advisory Board
NCCM’s YAB is the creation of a young consultative group to provide policy advice to NCCM, raise awareness to their peers/communities on child rights, and be engaged in research on children issues

B. Quantitative and Qualitative Studies:
- The project issued two quantitative studies on child poverty in Egypt.
- Development of a Set of National Child Rights Indicators to monitor children status and well-being in Egypt.
- Quarterly research Periodicals
- Egypt fit for children has an ongoing cooperation with the Social Contact Center to produce quantitative research on the status of children in the areas of poverty, health and education on the most deprived villages in Egypt.
- Child and youth participatory training and research: basic concepts of research and evaluation
- Qualitative study on the Egyptian children perceptions and evaluation of their education and schooling experience.
- Qualitative study on mapping children and youth participation in Egypt.

C. Database Management
- Establishing an electronic Library for the National council for childhood and motherhood
- Building an electronic archiving system and documents management system for the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood.
- Ongoing training for the NCCM staff on the use of DEVINFO.

D. Communication and Advocacy:
- launching the first round of The Universities Movies Festival in cooperation with the UNICEF.
- Ongoing grants for non-governmental organization to raise awareness on Children rights.
- Launching the first and second Simulation of Egypt National Child Rights Observatory in cooperation with the faculty of Political Science and Economics, Cairo University.
- Launching the website of the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood
- Producing a quarterly newsletter for the National for council for childhood and motherhood


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