Centro Internacional de Educacion y Desarrolla Humano

CINDE is a non-profit organisation
whose three basic objectives are: 1.
To conduct research projects that will
lead to the implementation of new
models of human development and
education. 2. To train mature
professionals who have
demonstrated their potential to
develop similar projects. 3. To
develop mechanisms for the inter-
change and dissemination of
information experiences that will
contribute to the qualification of the
education and health development of
your children and their families.
Programmes: 1. PROMESA: A
programme for the improvement of
education, health and the
environment, represents a non-
conventional alternative for meeting
the needs of young children in rural
areas through the participation of
the family and the community.
Developed in Choc Colombia with the
poor communities.
2. Early stimulation programme
aimed at mothers with children
between 0 and 3 years.
3. Integrated home-school
programme with children between 3
and 6 years
4. Child to Child programme involving
training older children of 9 to 12
years as education agents in the
stimulation of health physical, social
and intellectual development of their
younger brothers and sisters and of
the children in the community
between 3 and 6 years, using play
as the main method for learning.
5. Play and learn how to think is a n
educational innovation that seeks to
develop among primary school
children of 1st, 2nd, 3rd 4th and 5th
grade, the ability to solve problems
and a realistic self-concept which will
help them in their academic learning.
6. Open and semi-distant graduate
programme for professionals
7. Research and evaluation
8. Resources and dissemination

Main areas of work are in
Education, Health, Care and
Development, Family Environment,
and Alternative Care CINDE


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NGO - non governmental organisation


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