Centre for the Protection of Children's Rights Foundation

The CRCR provides protection ,
temporary shelter , child welfare and
rehabilitation up to 18 years old
whose basic human rights have been
violated. Our primary concern is with
children who have been sexually or
physically abused, abandoned or
lured or sold into prostitution or used
for unjust labour.
To promote and protect children's
rights in accordance with the UNCRC
by programmes of public education,
advocacy, legal assistance and

Key areas of work are rescue & legal
assistance, rehabilitation, public

CPCR runs three rehabilitation
homes for children and young people
who have been rescued or released
from situations of abuse.
They also offer scholarships,
vocational training and prevention
programs directed towards young
people leaving primary school who
are at potential risk of entering
prostitution or being exploited
through child labour.

To provide protection , temporary
shelter and care for children aged 0-
18 years whose rights have been
To work towards increasing public
awareness of the problems of
children's rights with the
understanding that the protection of
children is a societal issue , and
therefore deserves the co-operation
of the community as a whole
To actively campaign for changes in
legislation to increase protection for
children rights
To promote further government
commitment in the issue of children's
rights. In particular to encourage the
establishment of an organisation
which could effectively and legally act
on behalf of the children
To foster co-operation and greater
participation amongst government
and non-government organisations,
both locally and internationally in the
promotion of children's rights.

Activities include
Rescue operations and immediate
emergency care for children whose
rights have been violated
Rehabilitation and long term
protection for children who have
suffered human rights abuses, and
preventative protection for those in
danger of becoming victims
Public education to increase public
awareness for child labour and child
prostitution problems, to encourage
employment alternatives for rural
children and to prevent children from
being lured into prostitution
Legal advocacy. CPCR


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