Canadian International Development Agency

CIDA pursues poverty reduction mainly through a focus on stimulating sustainable economic growth, increasing food security, and securing a future for children and youth. Environmental sustainability, gender equality and good governance are integral to these themes. To meet this outcome, CIDA collaborates with a full range of national and international partners.CIDA's mission is to lead Canada's international efforts to help people in poverty and in crisis build better lives for themselves and for their communities.

The mandate of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) is to manage Canada's support and resources effectively and accountably to achieve meaningful, sustainable results and engage in policy development in Canada and internationally.

Canada recognizes that achieving significant political, economic, social, and environmental progress in the developing world will have a positive impact on the prosperity and long-term security of Canadians, sustain a reduction in poverty for billions of people in recipient countries, and contribute to a better and safer world. Agence canadienne de developpement internationalCIDA


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