Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies (ACYS)

The Australian Clearinghouse for Youth
Studies (ACYS) provides information
products and services for those working
in the youth field and for anyone with
an interest in youth.
The target audience for the
clearinghouse includes health workers,
policy-makers, researchers, educators,
youth workers and youth service
providers, as well as students and
The Australian Clearinghouse for Youth
Studies (ACYS) is a not-for-profit
organisation, partly funded by the
Australian Government through the
Department of Education, Training and
Youth Affairs.

ACYS operates under the auspices of the
School of Education, University of
Tasmania, Hobart, under the direction
of Associate Professor Carey Denholm.



Key information

Operation level:
Works with age groups:
Organisation type:
NGO - non governmental organisation


Organisation mandate

, Children 16 - 18

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