Association for the Social Support of Youth - ARSIS

ARSIS’ main objectives are preventing the marginalization of vulnerable people, the elaboration of policies which defend their rights, active social support, the promotion of their social integration, and providing information and sensitisation on respective topics.

ARSIS' main areas of work:

  • Youth Support and Recreational Centers
  • Intervention in Prisons
  • Activities for the protection of children – victims of trafficking
  • Support to homeless people
  • Support to immigrants and refugees
  • Interventions in Shelters and Institutions
  • Interventions for ROMA people
  • Bank for the material support of beneficiaries
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Civil Society Bureau
  • Mobilisation and work with volunteers

ARSIS was established in 1992 and since then it operates in Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos, Larisa, Karditsa, Polygyros and Tirana due to the active participation of members, volunteers and young people.



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