Asia-Pacific Human Rights Information Centre

HURIGHTS Osaka aims to promote human
rights in the Asia-Pacific region; convey Asia-
Pacific perspectives on human rights to the
international community; ensure inclusion of
human rights principles in Japanese
international cooperation activities; raise
human rights awareness among the people in
Japan to meet its growing internationalisation.
HURIGHTS Osaka engages in the following

a. Information Handling - collection of basic
international human rights documents;
information on social, economic and cultural
situations in the Asia-Pacific; and materials on
human rights education;

b. Research - study in collaboration with
experts in Japan and other countries in the
region on a range of issues such as
marginalization of indigenous peoples,
minorities, refugees, migrant workers and
other vulnerable groups; discrimination based
on social status; and development and human

c. Education and Training - setting up of
human rights education program for those
concerned with human rights issues in the
region. This includes education and training for
citizens and private and public corporations in

d. Publication - production of materials either
in English or Japanese languages such as
newsletters, booklets, journal, occasional
papers, annual activity reports, audio-visuals,
and other research materials;

e. Consultancy - provision of advisory services
on human rights programs and research.HURIGHTS Osaka


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