VIOLENCE STUDY: NGO Representative for Middle East and North Africa [nominations]

Summary: Call for nominations for NGO representatives for the NGO Advisory Council for follow up to the UN Study on Violence Against Children for the Middle East and North Africa.

Deadline for nominations: 12 September 2007

A new NGO Council was formed in 2007 to support strong and effective follow-up to the UN Secretary-General’s Study on Violence against Children. Its primary purpose is to encourage and maintain NGO involvement at national, regional and international levels in follow-up advocacy with governments, UN agencies and others for full implementation of the Study's recommendations.

The new NGO Advisory Council will have 18 members: 9 representatives from international NGOs, and 9 representatives selected at regional level from national and regional NGOs. All nine international representatives were nominated in March 2007. So far, six regional representatives have been appointed.

Nominations are now open to appoint a representative from the Middle East and North Africa region. Members should be appointed as representatives of organisations that are actively involved in work of violence against children and committed to follow-up to the Study in the region. The representative should also commit to liaising with the NGOs in the region and to link them to the Council and vice-versa.

The next meeting of the NGO Advisory Council will take place in New York in October 2007, just after the presentation of the Violence Study Progress Report to the UN General Assembly. It is expected that all members of the NGO Advisory Council participate in this meeting.

Please note that there is no funding available for travel or other expenses incurred, organisations that wish to put forward nominations need to be able to cover all related costs.

To submit a nomination, please download the attached form and send it to:
Rana Noueiri at: [email protected] and Noha El Llabban at: [email protected].

Submissions will be accepted until the 12 September 2007 (not inclusive). Only successful candidates will be approached.

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