UN HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL: News from session 31

The UN Human Rights Council is holding its 31st session in Geneva from 29 February to 24 March 2016. You can download the programme here

Th session featured the annual day on the rights of the child under the theme 'Information and communication technology and child sexual exploitation' on Monday, 7 March. Download CRIN's joint submission to the event. 

CRIN reported live from the event in Geneva from 7-10 March, providing daily round-ups of discussions in our newsletter on Children’s Rights at the UN, which you can subscribe to here

You can catch up with our coverage by clicking the links below, which will take you to daily summaries of the meetings and side events at the Human Rights Council's 31st session.

Day One - Annual day on the rights of the child

Day two - Violence, conflict, torture and the sale of children

Day three - Privacy, freedom of religion or belief and ending violence

Day four - High Commissioner's report, deprivation of liberty and extremsim


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