INDIA: HIV/AIDS awareness programmes in Subarnapur district (26 January 2006)

Summary: RARE appeals for support and collaboration for HIV/AIDS awareness raising programmes in the Subarnapur district, India.


First HIV Positive Identified

Chandrakanti Bag, 32, and her only son Vikas, 4, of the Mayabarha village of the Subarnapur district were recently identified as HIV-positive and admitted in the District Headquarter Hospital. Chandrakanti's husband Rana, who was a truck driver, died in Burla Hospital in July 2004, diagnosed as HIV-positive. But unfortunately Rana's wife and son were not tested then.

Chandrakanti and Vikas tested HIV-positive at Bolangir Hospital on 3 December 2004, but nobody took any note of it. She is now facing social stigma both in her mother's and father-in-law's houses, as well as in the village. Neither the villagers nor their family members are accepting Chandrakanti and Vikas.

Chandarkanti is now in search of food and shelter without any help from her family or the village community. She needs immediate support. There is also a need for regular awareness programmes of HIV/AIDS. Although this is the only identified HIV-positive case on record, it is believed that many more will be identified. A complete strategy is highly necessary for the Subarnapur district to identify, manage and prevent AIDS spreading. RARE is ready to extend all type of support and co-operation, but needs support.

To date neither government agencis, nor any Non Govermental Organisation has taken any initatives on identification, management or creation of awareness on HIV/AIDS in the Subarnapur district.

Gourishyam Panda
General Secretary



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