HEALTH: UN expert on toxics questionnaire for NGOs

The Special Rapporteur on human rights and hazardous substances and wastes is inviting NGOs to submit information to inform his report to be presented at the 33rd Session of the Human Rights Council in September 2016. 
The purpose of this questionnnaire is to help the Special Rapporteur ascertain to what extent children’s rights inform government policies related to hazardous substances. We would be grateful for your input on the following questions:
  • Studies in various countries have found hundreds of toxic chemicals from various sources in newborn babies and children, as well as mothers whom are pregnant or breastfeeding. Are you aware of any mechanisms to monitor children’s exposure to hazardous substances nationally or internationally?
  • Views on good practices by governments to assess the risks of childhood exposure to hazardous substances, and/or deficiencies in current practices.
  • Information regarding specific measures either nationally or internationally to prevent childhood exposure to hazardous substances, including consumer products, environmental emissions, occupational settings and other sources.
  • Any positive efforts undertaken to remove causation as an obstacle for children who are, or may have been exposed to, toxic chemicals during development, but do not exhibit adverse health impacts such as cancer, developmental impacts, or other non-communicable diseases until much later in life.
  • Any specific judicial and non-judicial processes to hold perpetrators accountable for hazardous substance-related claims of adverse impacts on health and other rights of the child.
  • Outlines on what steps could be taken by Governments and businesses to further assess, monitor, prevent and mitigate children’s exposure to hazardous substances. 
The questionnaire is available in English, French and Spanish (attached below). But due to limited capacity for translation, we kindly request that you submit your answers, if possible, in English, and no later than 15 April, 2016. All responses will be posted in the web page of the Rapporteur unless you indicate otherwise. Please sent your responses preferably via email to: [email protected], copying [email protected]; or to:
Special Rapporteur on human rights and hazardous substances and wastes 
Sustainable Human Development Section
Special Procedures Branch
Palais des Nations 
CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland
Fax: +4122 917 9006


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