EUROPE: SEECRAN in partnership to promote integrated policies on missing and sexually exploited minors (25 November 2005)

Summary: In July 2004 SEECRAN was involved in the submission of a Daphne project entitled "Childoscope 7/25 - Promoting Integrated European Policies on Missing and Sexually Exploited Minors in Cyprus, Malta, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia and Slovakia".

The project initiated by Child Focus is starting from November 2005  until November 2006. Within this one year period, 7 round table discussions will be organised in 7 different countries, involving law enforcement experts, NGO representatives and policy/decision makers  active in the field of sexual exploitation and disappearance of children. One of these round tables will take place in Slovenia, with an aim to involve a multidisciplinary audience of actors in the fight against the disappearance and sexual exploitation of children in the country, and to raise awareness amongst the different actors in the field.

SEECRAN will co-operate in preparation of this meeting, in inviting people on national level who are involved in the issue and at the awareness raising activities (such as dissemination of EU documents covering this issue).

More information on Child Focus you can find at their website at .

For more information on the project and SEECRAN involvement please contact SEECRAN office at [email protected].


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