DEPRIVATION OF LIBERTY: New resources and statistics

During 2017, the UN’s Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty will get fully underway, assessing the scale of the phenomenon of children detained whether in prisons, immigration facilities, for national security or to treat mental health needs or drug use.

At the starting point of this process CRIN is publishing new resources on children deprived of their liberty, including a compilation of statistics on children detained in the criminal justice system across almost 180 countries and analysis of almost 100 cases from courts in more than 41 countries that have applied - and misapplied - international human rights standards on the detention of children.

There are vast gaps in what we know about the situation of children deprived of their liberty, but this study need not start from scratch. No one knows how many children are detained around the world, but we do know that more than 185,000 children are detained in the criminal justice systems of 177 countries on any single day.

We do not know about the abuses that have so far gone unreported, but we do know how children have challenged some of the abuses they experience in national and international courts. This is a starting point. As the study develops we will get a fuller picture of children detained around the world and how their rights can be protected.

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