ARMENIA: 65 per cent of children with disabilities live close to poverty line - UNICEF

[YEREVAN, 3 December 2012] - Sixty-five percent of children with disabilities are close to the poverty line, says the report by UNICEF Armenia office presented during a press conference on Monday.  

According to the report, the number of children with disabilities in Armenia may be underestimated. The official data says Armenia has only one per cent of children with disabilities (8,000). However, the UNICEF report shows children with disabilities make 2.5 per cent.

Thus, most probably, Armenia has about 12,000 children with disabilities who are not officially registered. There are several reasons, one of them being the family is not applying for their child to get a status of a disabled.

Sixty-five percent of children live in poverty spending $3 per day (the threshold of poverty in Armenia is $97.1 per capita per month). Eight per cent of children live in extreme poverty, or spending less than $2 per day (the threshold of extreme poverty in Armenia is $57.2 per month), says the 2012 report on social situation and poverty issued by Armenia’s National Statistical Service .

As noted by the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Jemma Baghdasaryan, child disability allowance is about $44 per month. Most of these families also receive family allowance.


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