Children with disabilities

DISCRIMINATION: CRIN's submission on the draft CRPD General Comment on equality
3/Jan/2018 Publication
This submission was made in November 2017 to provide comments on the draft general comment of the Committee on the Rights...
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CHILDREN IN INSTITUTIONS: CRIN's submission for the draft General Comment of the CRPD on article 19
5/Jul/2017 Publication
CRIN's submission on the proposed draft general comment No. 5 by the UN Committee on the rights of persons with disabilities (CRPD), on article 19 of the Convention.
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РУМЫНИЯ: Иск НПО, бросившей вызов халатности в государственных интернатах
10/May/2017 Publication
Оставленный матерью в младенческом возрасте, Валентин Кампеану в конечном итоге умер в румынском доме-интернате. Две НПО подали жалобу в ЕСПЧ с целью привлечь к ответственности Румынию и не допустить подобных случаев в будущем.
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Identifying and Preventing Abuse of Children with Mental Disabilities in Institutions
Fri, 31/03/2017 - 13:45 Event
For the last year, partners have conducted human rights monitoring in 30 institutions for children with mental...
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АЗЕРБАЙДЖАН не готов к инклюзивному образованию?
17/Feb/2017 News
Разговоры о необходимости внедрения инклюзивного образования в Азербайджане продолжаются уже достаточно давно, в стране...
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CRIN Submission on mental health and human rights
1/Nov/2016 Publication
This submission is CRIN's contribution to an OHCHR call for input on the issue of mental health and human rights for an...
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ROMANIA: The ‘legal black hole’ for children in institutions
20/Jul/2016 Publication
Abandoned by his mother at birth, Valentin Câmpeanu eventually died in a Romanian orphanage. Two NGOs brought a case to the European Court of Human Rights to get accountability for the way he was treated and to help prevent similar abuses.
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