Universal Periodic Review - Session 22


The 22nd Session of the Universal Periodic Review will take place from April to May 2015. Below is a list of the countries to be reviewed during the session.


Andorra: UPR / Wiki

Belarus: UPR / Wiki

Bulgaria: UPR / Wiki

Croatia: UPR / Wiki

Honduras: UPR / Wiki

Jamaica: UPR / Wiki

Liberia: UPR / Wiki

Libya: UPR / Wiki

Malawi: UPR / Wiki

Maldives: UPR / Wiki

Marshall Islands: UPR / Wiki

Mongolia: UPR / Wiki

Panama: UPR / Wiki

United States of America: UPR / Wiki

Submission Deadline

“The deadline for submitting reports for the 22nd session is on the 19th January 2015 (to be confirmed). You can find more information here.”

Useful Resources

You can also read CRIN's extract reports from the first cycle reviews here.

Please note that these reports are hosted by CRIN as a resource for Child Rights campaigners, researchers and other interested parties. Unless otherwise stated, they are not the work of CRIN and their inclusion in our database does not necessarily signify endorsement or agreement with their content by CRIN.