Universal Periodic Review - Session 21


The 21st Session of the Universal Periodic Review will take place from January to February 2015 (exact dates to be confirmed). Below is a list of the countries to be reviewed during the session.


Armenia: UPR / Wiki

Grenada: UPR / Wiki

Guinea: UPR / Wiki

Guinea-Bissau: UPR / Wiki

Guyana: UPR / Wiki

Kenya: UPR / Wiki

Kiribati: UPR / Wiki

Kuwait: UPR / Wiki

Kyrgyzstan: UPR / Wiki

Lao People’s Democratic Republic: UPR / Wiki

Lesotho: UPR / Wiki

Spain: UPR / Wiki

Sweden: UPR / Wiki

Turkey: UPR / Wiki

Submission Deadline

“The deadline for submitting reports for the 21st session is on the 27th October 2014 (to be confirmed). You can find more information here.”

Useful Resources


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