International Conference on Child Rights & Sight

DCI holds its International Conference on Child Rights & Sight to raise awareness on child rights, including child labor and diseases that affect vision. The event gathers world-class speakers and leaders to address these pressing issues and discuss creative solutions.

To date, DCI has held four international conferences at Yale University, in 200620092011, and 2013. The 5th International Conference on Child Rights & Sight will take place at Yale on Saturday, October 24th, 2015.

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Conference Objectives

  1. Discuss current issues affecting children and promote awareness locally, nationally & internationally
  2. Provide a platform for local, national & international participants to showcase achievements & share lessons from their experience working against child poverty, child labor & treatable blindness
  3. Build a stronger international network & forge new partnerships among like-minded individuals, researchers, campaigners, policymakers & organizations.
  4. Feature youth as attendees, volunteers & honorees. Encourage young people to take leadership in humanitarian causes.


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