Debating the Evidence: Human Rights

This one-day conference will address the practice and theory of Human Rights in the context of pressing issues such as violence against women, rendition, terrorism, the Israel-Palestine conflict, and children's rights. Speakers will address concepts of evidence and gender, as well as 'choice', 'dignity, and 'security', along with current legal definitions of Human Rights.

Co-organised with CRASSH, Human Rights will bring together activists and policy experts from Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, Liberty, and the Southall Black Sisters, in dialogue with academics and lawyers specializing in Human Rights issues. The conference will be preceded by a Human Rights film programme and discussion at the Arts Picturehouse.


  • Jacqueline Bhabha (Harvard)
    Are Children's Rights Human Rights?
  • Gareth Crossman (Liberty)
    Human Rights - hindering the fight against Terrorism?
  • Anne Fitzgerald (Amnesty)
    Investigating rendition and secret detention
  • Conor Gearty (LSE)
    Pressing issues in Human Rights
  • Christopher McCrudden (Oxford)
    Why Dignity Doesn't Work as the Basis of Human Rights Theory
  • Nayanika Mookherjee (Lancaster)
    Imaging 'trauma' and the raped woman of the Bangladesh war
  • Jacqueline Rose (QMUL)
    A matter of evidence? fiction, identification and recognition in Israel-Palestine
  • Renata Salecl (Ljubljana)
    Is late capitalism replacing rights with choices?
  • Hannana Siddiqui (Southall Black Sisters)
    Multi-culturalism and gender violence against black and minority women in the UK
  • Lynn Welchman (SOAS)
    'Honour'-based violence against women: doing some disentangling


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