ASEAN Regional Workshop on HIV/AIDS: Addressing Stigma and Discrimination

Summary: To be held in Melaka, Malaysia, this
workshop will discuss topics such as:
Stigma and Discrimination,
Young Women Priorities and
HIV/AIDS, Involving Men to Make a
Difference, Information, Education
and Networking for Safe Behaviour,
Networking and Working Partnership.
The Objectives of the workshop are to provide a forum for
networking, sharing of knowledge experiences and ideas on
initiatives to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS among youth and
youth serving organizations and other stakeholders; to promote
cross-country exchange of best practices for implementing youth-
friendly health services in the ASEAN region; to identify and
develop specific actions that can be implemented to support
young people infected/affected by HIV/AIDS by incorporating
action that will fight HIV/AIDS related discriminations; to involve
the media in the dissemination of the findings of the workshop.
Owner: The World Youth Foundation, UNAIDS, Ministry of Youth & Sports Malaysia, World Assembly of Youth, Malaysian AIDS Council, Ministry of Health Malaysia


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