Landlocked in South America, Bolivia is located in the mountainous Andean region of the continent. Despite the country’s rich mineral and energy resources, it remains among the poorest nations in South America, and the majority of the country are low-income subsistence farmers, miners, small traders or artisans. Little progress has been made to address human rights abuses committed before the re-establishment of democracy in 1982, and has been criticised for investigating these abuses through the military justice system.

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1038990370Population372344425.08599743424Population under 15198597013.38009604132Number of internet users
108 Human development index64 Happy planet ranking

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LABOUR RIGHTS: Child labour and protecting working children
11 Jun 2015
Ahead of the World Day against Child Labour on 12 June, CRIN looks at whether in countries where child workers will work with or without labour protections, is a blanket ban on child work the best way of guaranteeing children's interests? 
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