YEMEN: Una niña de 8 años muere en su noche de boda
10/Sep/2013 News
Summary: Falleció por severas lesiones en sus órganos genitales y una grave hemorragia producida por su marido, que le...
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ARMED CONFLICT: Children the victims of sexual crimes during armed conflict
27/Aug/2013 News
Summary: Colombia is among the countries in which minors are most at risk of sexual abuse, according to a report by the...
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CHILD LABOUR: UNICEF reacts to Mongolia’s child jockeys
22/Jul/2013 News
Summary: During this year’s Naadam celebrations, horse racing – together with wrestling and archery – takes place as part...
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AFGHANISTAN: Judges free three jailed for torture of child bride
16/Jul/2013 News
Summary: Three freed despite imprisoning, starving and burning girl sold into marriage as new laws could prevent relatives...
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NEPAL: Government belatedly takes action on slavery following Srijana Chaudhary tragedy
17/Jun/2013 News
Summary: Amid sombre circumstances, decades of slavery may finally be coming to an end for Nepal's Tharu community....
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