Laws guarantee human rights. Understanding them gives power.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) is the fundamental basis for children’s rights in international law. But, like a lot of legal instruments, the rights enshrined in it are not widely known or understood. If children are to enjoy all their human rights, it is vital that a broader understanding of the CRC is developed across the world.

We believe that access to information is vital for the protection and promotion of children’s rights, so we are creating short and accessible summaries of each section of the CRC, which like all our resources, are free for everyone to download and use. They are listed below.

These summaries help put the CRC in the context of the real world, using plain language and tangible examples. It is designed for children’s rights advocates everywhere to help develop a greater theoretical and practical understanding of all the rights in the CRC, and to help identify children’s rights violations when they occur. They also encourage advocates to look at all children’s rights, from all vantage points and angles, and how they are interconnected, as well as giving advocates starting points for challenging particular rights abuses.

The law is constantly evolving, so we will be updating these summaries from time to time, and adding new ones. We want the guide to be a useful, up to date, living resource for people to access and use. Please contact us with any information or suggestions for updating the guide by emailing [email protected].