Human rights are the benchmark of a life with dignity, respect and equality. Denying someone their human rights strips them of this basic quality of life, often with devastating consequences.

Children are particularly vulnerable because they face additional threats, exclusions and discrimination just because of their age. They have very few opportunities to have their voices heard or be treated seriously. For example, the vast majority of children around the world do not have voting rights - only a handful of countries extend the right to vote to 16.

Strong and effective campaigning focused on empowering children with their rights - rather than purely on charity - is crucial to achieving a world where children can live in dignity, respect and equality.

You can make a difference. History has shown us that people really can change the fabric of society when they work together to achieve a clear and focused goal. Campaigns for racial equality and women’s liberation have significantly improved people’s lives. We believe the same can be done for children.

Children have human rights, too. Not because they are "the future" or "the adults of tomorrow", but because they are human beings today.

CRIN has a network of nearly 3,000 children's rights organisations from over 160 countries, and we see it as our role to inspire and support people to campaign for children's rights around the world. Click here for more on the CRIN network and how to join.

While we might differ in our passions, skills and the time we have available, we can all make a difference on children’s rights. Campaigning comes in many shapes and sizes. You can choose what you want to get involved in, what you want to actively do, with who and for how long - doing what you can to promote and protect children’s rights. It can be as simple as signing a petition, or perhaps writing a letter to a newspaper, organising a protest march or arranging high-level meetings with government officials and other influential people.

CRIN has launched - or joined - campaigns to combat specific children's rights violations, from stopping inhuman sentencing of children to calling on States to ratify international human rights treaties. You can find out about existing campaigns that CRIN is involved in and how to join them here.

Children’s rights violations are rife, and CRIN can’t possibly cover every issue. So we support people and organisations to safely and effectively start their own children’s rights campaigns. Click here to download our free advocacy guide and toolkits, and you can write to us at [email protected] for more information.

Don't stay silent. Challenge.