19/Dec/2013 Country
Spread across two regions of land, separated by the South China Sea, Malaysia shares borders with Thailand, Indonesia and...
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MALAYSIA: UPR Submission on Inhuman Sentencing
14/Oct/2013 Publication
Summary: Our research indicates that in Malaysia people may be lawfully sentenced to death, corporal punishment and life...
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INHUMAN SENTENCING: Life imprisonment of children in the Commonwealth
24/Oct/2012 Publication
Summary: Report on life imprisonment sentences for children in the Commonwealth States....
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Attorneys for the Rights of the Child
9/Oct/2012 Organisation
To educate the public, the bar (lawyers), and the judiciary (judges) about the harm caused by all forms of childhood...
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MALAYSIA: Outrage over seminars on 'how to spot gay children'
20/Sep/2012 News
Summary: The seminars have been allegedly endorsed by the country's Education Ministry, while previously in March the...
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MALAYSIA: Children's rights in International Labour Organisation reports
20/Jul/2012 Publication
Summary: This report summarises individual observations and direct requests issued by the ILO Committee of Experts related...
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