MALAYSIA: Stop trampling on rights of sexual minorities
5/May/2011 News
Summary: Open letter to the government of Malaysia for the protection of the rights of children and sexual minorities. ...
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MALAYSIA: No to gender 'corrective' boot camp for boys!
20/Apr/2011 News
Summary: That 66 boys with "effeminate tendencies" have been sent to "corrective" boot camps has provoked public outcry...
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MALAYSIA: Corrective boot camps to ‘fix’ effeminate boys
19/Apr/2011 News
Summary: "We understand that some people end up as mak nyah (transvestite) or a homosexual, but we will do our best to...
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Testimony Without Fear - Non-Revictimizing Cultures and Practices: A Map of Practices for Taking Special Testimony from Children and Adolescents
19/Apr/2011 Publication
Summary: International review, comparison, and analysis of child-friendly justice practices in various jurisdictions....
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MALAYSIA: Inhuman sentencing of children
15/Mar/2011 Publication
Report detailing the legality of inhuman sentencing against children in Malaysia. Persons convicted of an offence...
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MALAYSIA: Haven for child prostitution
21/Feb/2011 News
Summary: Child rights activists say that Malaysia has seen an increase in child prostitution with an average of 150 kids...
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MALAYSIA: Action needed to reduce sexual abuse in children’s homes
11/Feb/2011 News
Summary: Programme Director of the Penang-based organisation Women’s Centre for Change, Prema Devaraj, highlights steps...
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HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: Global Report 2010
26/Jan/2011 Publication
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