Cambodge/ Malaisie : Les travailleuses domestiques cambodgiennes sont victimes d’abus en Malaisie
18/Nov/2011 News
Summary: Les protections juridiques incluses dans le droit du travail devraient être étendues aux filles et aux femmes...
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MALAYSIA: Birth registration authority denies baby right to identity
7/Nov/2011 News
Summary: A child conceived out of wedlock has been denied her father's name, and as such, the corresponding rights. ...
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AUSTRALIA: Gov't softens child refugee policy
6/Jun/2011 News
Summary: The Australian government has decided to soften its plans to send ayslum-seeking children to Malaysia, and make...
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AUSTRALIA: Plans to send asylum-seeking children to Malaysia
3/Jun/2011 News
Summary: The measure has been criticised by various organisations and individuals as being negligent to the needs of...
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UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child (1959)
Fri, 20/11/1959 - 00:00 Instrument
Proclaimed by General Assembly resolution 1386(XIV) of 20 November 1959...
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SOUTHEAST ASIA: Statement of the 2011 ASEAN Civil Society Conference/ ASEAN Peoples' Forum
17/May/2011 Publication
Summary: More than 1,300 civil society delegates representing various civil society organisations, including children's...
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