Minority or indigenous children

ENVIRONMENT: International human rights law and fracking
15/juin/2015 Publication
This report demonstrates how the international human rights framework can be used to initiate rights-based advocacy against human rights violations that result from the harm caused by hydraulic fracturing (fracking).
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CANADA : La Commission Vérité et Réconciliation qualifie de "génocide culturel" la scolarisation forcée des enfants aborigènes
15/juin/2015 News
Les Canadiens ont pris conscience du désastre causé par la scolarisation forcée de dizaines de milliers d’Amérindiens et d’Inuits de 1870 à 1970.
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CANADA: Forced schooling of aboriginal children was ‘cultural genocide,’ truth commission finds
9/juin/2015 News
The findings are part of a report documenting widespread physical, cultural and sexual abuse at government-sponsored residential schools run mostly by churches that Indian, Inuit and other indigenous children were forced to attend. 
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ÉTATS-UNIS : trois fois plus de suicides chez les enfants noirs que chez les blancs
22/Mai/2015 News
D'après une étude publiée par une association médicale américaine, le taux de suicide des 5-11 ans noirs américains serait plus de trois fois plus élevé que celui des enfants blancs.
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DRUG POLICY: 'Accountability for children and young people at the 2016 UN General Assembly Special Session on Drugs'
19/Mai/2015 Publication
This paper challenges the current framework for evaluating drug policies, and presents one based on the CRC. The three UN drugs conventions currently fail to prescribe any specific measures for children and young people, and only one of these mentions children explicitly.    
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REPÚBLICA CHECA: Amnistía: segregan niños roma en escuelas
6/Mai/2015 News
La Corte Europea de Derechos Humanos determinó en 2007 que la República Checa debía frenar esa práctica pero según el reporte actual los niños roma siguen representando casi 30 por ciento en escuelas para discapacitados mentales.
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ITALY: Children's Rights References in the Universal Periodic Review
20/avr/2015 Publication
A compilation of extracts featuring child-rights issues from the reports submitted to the second Universal Periodic Review. There are extracts from the 'National report', the 'Compilation of UN information' and the 'Summary of stakeholder information'. Also included is the final report and the list of accepted and rejected recommendations.
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GUATEMALA: Planned mega-dam caused killing of two indigenous children and rights violations of thousands more
27/mar/2015 News
The planned mega-dam, which is backed by European development banks, has been blamed by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights for the death of two Mayan children from August 2014.   
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