Children and the media

COMMUNICATION: How to talk to children about traumatic events
15/juil/2016 Publication
Considering that children follow events on TV, the internet and other media, this page offers some basic rules on how you can communicate with children when dramatic events occur.
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MEDIOS: ¿Nos muestran los medios de comunicación una imagen real de los niños y las niñas?
8/juin/2016 News
Compartimos la entrevista de Natalia Quiroga, de la web Ciudades Amigas de la Infancia, una iniciativa de UNICEF Comité Español, a Marta Martínez, socióloga, quien explica cómo cree que aparecen representados los niños y las niñas en los medios y como podría contribuirse a mejorar esa representación desde los ámbitos locales.
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Comment parler aux enfants d'événements tragiques
23/mar/2016 Publication
Les enfants et les jeunes suivent l'actualité à la télévision, sur internet et d'autres médias. Un point de départ pour appréhender les besoins des enfants lors d'événements dramatiques est d'admettre que les enfants ont, comme les adultes, besoin de comprendre ce qu'il se passe.
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QATAR: CRC alternative report on Inhuman sentencing of children
21/mar/2016 Publication
In Qatar, life imprisonment is a lawful penalty for offences committed by children aged 16 or older. The death penalty and...
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ZAMBIA: UN experts dismayed by presidential pardon of convicted rapist and his appointment as GBV ambassador
23/déc/2015 News
Two UN human rights experts have urged the Zambian Government to end the impunity of Zambian singer Clifford Dimba, convicted in 2014 for the rape of a 14-year-old girl and later made an ambassador on gender-based violence.
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DISCRIMINATION: Youth curfews and children's rights
8/sep/2015 Publication
Summertime for children is not just about having time off school, staying up late and playing outside; it also comes with...
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UN: Children's rights and the Human Rights Committee
28/aoû/2015 Publication
While civil and political rights are recognised specifically for children in the CRC, the review by the Human Rights...
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SOUTH AFRICA: Teenagers no longer prosecuted for kissing or consensual sex
20/juil/2015 Publication
A law that criminalised sexual activity between consenting adolescents in South Africa - even for kissing and cuddling - and required them to be put on a sex offenders register was struck down as unconstitutional after a challenge from the Centre for Child Law. CRIN looks at the issue in this case study.
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